Lana Abraham-Murawski’s background in fine arts along with working within the design industry for 15+ years, provides her valuable experience needed to tackle unique challenges when it comes to finding art that transforms the viewer and their environment.

The do’s:

  • Create art that complements your design in bold and remarkable ways.
  • Visualize intelligent, yet creative spaces while meeting project timelines and budget.
  • Inspire you to be different.

Lana Abraham, Inc. enjoys working via a ‘one-on-one’ format. It allows for a careful focus on you! Whether you’re an homeowner, designer, architect, collector, real-estate stager, etc., we’ll provide the personal attention needed for your art project.

The methods:

  • Conference and review your art project needs.
  • Provide a reverse brief to ensure we have captured all the key points.
  • Research and send customized design options, always considering time frame and budget dollars.
  • Develop a ‘one-of-kind’ art experience for your project.
  • Provide a final quote and details required for production and delivery.

Committed to thinking outside the box and looking at art with a fresh and creative eye and always here to help with any questions about your art needs.

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