“Envision A New Reality” – LAM

Lana Abraham-Murawski is a Guyanese-American artist who’s work is inspired by personal journeys and challenges. She creates abstract landscapes using oil, acrylic, ink or other mediums to build environments with organic forms and elements from both nature and the industrial, along with bold color and purposeful composition, to define planes of existence with contrast and connections. The aim of her work is to provoke thought and self-reflection. 

Her “fantastical” landscapes are designed to produce a disconnection from the “real world” highlighting unusual and even awkward interactions to awaken ones imagination. Abraham-Murawski challenges each viewer to envision a new and alternate reality to their own – to take oneself out of the everyday into something transformative.

Abraham-Murawski won the Arts Award for Excellence from St. Andrew’s School in Delaware where her work blossomed and accredits that to the support of mentor, teacher and artist Peter W. Brooke. In addition, his own work of the imagined landscape, resonated. Abraham-Murawski interned for renowned artist Sol LeWitt in the late 90’s, painting one of his conceptual color forms onto a building’s feature wall in Connecticut. This experience influenced and extended her powerful use of color and how they interact with each other to elicit a story.  

Lana Abraham-Murawski received a Bachelors in Studio Arts from Trinity College in Hartford, CT where she later assisted/TA’d undergraduates in printmaking and drawing. She started her company Lana Abraham Inc. in 2016 to showcase her art and vision; and has exhibited in CT, MD, DC, NJ and NY.
Lana Abraham Inc. ®

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